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FKI Logistex
The FKI Logistex GS100 palletizers provides a low-cost, high-quality, and high-reliability option for low-speed palletizing applications. The GS Series is also a cost-effective alternative to manual palletizing. The series includes the following models:

Material Handling Solutions for Manufacturing Systems
FKI Logistex GS130 Palletizer

FKI Logistex, The World Leader in Palletizing Equipment and Systems

With over 3000 installations worldwide, FKI Logistex is the proven industry leader in automated palletizing solutions. From conventional to robotic solutions, FKI Logistex offers a wide variety of palletizers with speeds up to 250 cases per minute.

FKI Logistex Provides Fully Integrated Solutions

FKI Logistex provides fully integrated solutions for automated material flow in the manufacturing sector, including food and beverage, newspaper, converted paper, electronics and automotive. Effective and reliable integrated systems from FKI Logistex are used by some of the world's most competitive and successful manufacturers, who enjoy the benefits of increased capacity, reduced operating costs, enhanced inventory management, increased labor efficiency with reduced training costs, improved order accuracy and integration with enterprise information flow.
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